idEA Audience with the Director General of Domestic Trade, Ministry of Trade

Incessantly holding audiences in order to introduce new management and program coordination, last Monday, May 22 idEA had the opportunity to visit the Director General of Domestic Trade of the Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Indonesia who had just been appointed. idEA, represented by the General Chairperson of Bima Laga, Deputy General Chairpersons Budi Primawan, Hilmi Adrianto and Ardhanti Nurwidya, as well as representatives from the Trade Sector, MSME Sector and Data Sector, were received directly by Mr. Drs. Isy Karim as Director General of Domestic Trade.

In addition to the introduction of the management, on this occasion idEA also explained a number of things, including the collaboration that has been going on between idEA and the Ministry of Trade, updates on the idEA program plan for MSMEs, as well as input regarding regulations and the possibility of collaboration between idEA and the Ministry of Trade.

idEA believes that the key to accelerating the digitization of MSMEs is synergy and collaboration from various parties. Hopefully idEA's collaboration with the Ministry of Trade can continue and produce new programs that have a real impact on the industry.