idEA Internal Discussion -

Although it brings various conveniences, the digital era also has its own challenges. One of them is the digital transaction system which is still vulnerable to various types of fraud. To prevent losses, companies that have digital payment services need to have a system that is able to protect transactions from fraud.

To socialize the importance of having anti-fraud technology for companies, and idEA held an Internal Discussion entitled “Technological Innovations That Improve Customer Experience and Drive Ecommerce Growth”, on Tuesday 26 July 2022 at Fairmont Hotel, Jakarta. The discussion was attended by the General Chairman of idEA Bima Laga, CEO Ron Hynes, as well as Top Management representatives from idEA Member Companies. In the panel discussion session, Bukalapak VP of Payment Desy Hartono, Head of IT Infrastructure Bhinneka Albert Nobel, LinkAja CEO Yogi Rizkian Bahar, and idEA Cyber ​​Security & Data Sector Member Ricky Setiadi.

On this occasion, provided information about technological innovation solutions that are able to detect fraud, so that the customer journey in E-Commerce becomes more comfortable, and the company's revenue is maximized.

idEA supports secure digital transactions, for the advancement of Indonesia's digital economy ecosystem.