Discussion on the Handling of Intellectual Property Violations based on Menkumham Regulation No. 1 Year 2023

In the context of handling intellectual property violations according to Menkumham regulation No. 1 of 2023 concerning Investigation Management, Head of Public Policy and Government Relations of the Indonesian E-Commerce Association Pratita Mantovani was present at the agenda which was held at the Yuan Hotel Jakarta 29 May. To the audience, Pratita conveyed several ways to combat counterfeit and illegal products sold in e-commerce. One of them is by requesting takedown through idEA, because idEA has declared support for policies on the protection and law enforcement of intellectual property rights with the DJKI of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights since 2021.

In addition to DGIP, idEA also has cooperation in monitoring drugs and cosmetics in e-commerce with the BPOM, which has been going on since 2019. Through this collaboration, tens of thousands of drug and cosmetic products that did not meet BPOM standards have been successfully taken down. idEA supports the creation of an e-commerce platform that always delivers products that are safe, comply with standards and uphold intellectual property rights. For this reason, idEA is open to cooperating with other Ministries/Institutions regarding takedown requests in accordance with their respective urgency and needs.