Stamp Duty FGD - Assistant Deputy for Digital Economy

Following up on various discussions and studies regarding the imposition of Stamp Duty which has been stipulated in Law Number 10 of 2020 concerning Stamp Duty, last Tuesday 19 April the Assistant Deputy for Digital Economy held a Focus Group Discussion with the theme "Implementation of TnC as an Object of Stamp Duty and Personal Data Protection Efforts in the Marketplace Tax Audit, and its impact on the development of the Digital Economy Ecosystem".

The FGD aims to obtain input on the plan to impose Stamp Duty on digital platforms as well as explore in-depth perspectives on tax policy directions that can encourage a conducive digital economy ecosystem while increasing state revenues. Another issue discussed is tax audits in the marketplace, which must prioritize the principle of personal data protection. On this occasion, idEA represented by Rofi Uddarojat as Head of PPGR conveyed the results of discussions, studies and considerations that had been carried out by idEA with member companies and academics regarding the mechanism for imposing the Stamp Duty.