FGD of the Directorate of Seeds of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Indonesia with idEA on Seed Distribution on the Online platform

Monitoring the circulation of seeds traded online is a shared responsibility between the government and the marketplace platform. For this reason, on June 28, a Focus Group Discussion was held on the Circulation of Seeds on the Online platform. The discussion took place at the Sapphire Sky Hotel and Convention, attended by representatives from the Ministry of Trade, Communications and Informatics, the Indonesian E-Commerce Association (idEA), Marketplace representatives (Shopee, Tokopedia, JDID, Bukalapak), Coordinator and Sub-Coordinator for the Directorate of Seeds, and PBT Directorate of Seeds.

Although it is not easy to handle, the Ministry of Agriculture together with the Ministry of Trade, Ministry of Communication and Informatics and idEA together with an online marketplace platform agreed to cooperate in conducting surveillance and takedown for illegal seed products sold online. Rofi Uddarojat as the representative of idEA said that he was ready to support efforts to monitor the circulation of seeds on the online platform because he realized that it was very important to meet the need for food from quality seeds. The online platform that was present also added that apart from cooperation, there should be socialization and distribution of educational materials related to the distribution of online seeds to sellers or sellers in online stores, so that an understanding can be reached and effective supervision can be carried out. In order to finalize the cooperation of various parties in terms of monitoring the distribution of these seeds, in the future it is necessary to hold more focused discussions and the signing of a memorandum of understanding.