FGD Strategy for Acceleration and Improvement of the Digital Economy

In order to achieve the vision of making Indonesia a developed country by 2045, Indonesia's economic progress needs to be boosted from now on so that it continues to develop in a positive direction, and survive in the midst of global political economy conditions and the ongoing pandemic. One of the proven ways to improve the economy is by accelerating the economic transition from conventional to digital. For this reason, the Indonesian E-Commerce Association, represented by the General Chair of Bima Laga, attended and participated as resource persons at the FGD on the Strategy for the Acceleration and Improvement of the Digital Economy, to provide recommendations and views on this issue.

Bima Laga said that the future of the digital economy in Indonesia has promising potential. However, apart from the potential, the conversion of the economy from conventional to digital, especially at the MSME level also has several challenges. These include access to technology, access to a wider market, business management skills to capital. For these challenges, idEA provides several recommendations, namely the acceleration of equitable distribution of infrastructure development in all regions, to the role of the government to issue regulations that provide space and convenience for innovation.

In addition, to be able to accelerate the process of digitizing MSMEs, idEA as the Association has several programs, including the National Online Shopping Day or Harbolnas Proud Made in Indonesia which has succeeded in increasing sales of local products, to various series of training on business development and digitization that can be participated in by MSME actors on a regular basis. free.