Coordination of Analog Switch Off Preparation First Stage

In connection with the preparation of the implementation of the stage of termination of analog television broadcasts or Analog Switch Off (ASO) in 2022, Monday March 7, the Director of Broadcasting of the Ministry of Communication and Informatics invited various stakeholders and related associations to attend the Coordination Meeting of The Preparation of the Advertising Industry facing the Analog Switch Off Stage. The deadline for the completion of the migration of analog to digital broadcasts as well as the termination of analog broadcasts is on November 2, 2022. ASO will be carried out in 3 stages, where phase 1 will begin on April 30, 2022. ASO was gradually a strategy to address the density of frequency use for analog television broadcasts, and simultaneously the public was also introduced to digital broadcasting as a period of adjustment. In this adjustment period, it is necessary to ensure that the Set Top Box devices needed to convert analog broadcasts to digital are available in the market, including in E-Commerce. To that end, idEA member companies are expected to ensure the availability of Set Top Boxes on their platforms.