Presentation of Research Results for Implementation of Harbolnas 2022

Even though the series of Harbolnas 2022 activities which fall on December 10-12 2022 have been completed, many insights can be drawn from implementing this Online Shopping Day. The Indonesian E-Commerce Association (idEA) in collaboration with NielsenIQ Indonesia conducted the 2022 Harbolnas Research, to measure whether or not the 20T transaction target was achieved at the 2022 Harbolnas.

The research results were presented to the public online on Thursday, January 12 2023. Based on research conducted by NielsenIQ Indonesia, the 2022 Harbolnas transaction achievement reached IDR 22.7 trillion. It's not only the general transaction value that has increased, the transaction value of local products has also increased to IDR 10 trillion. The survey results also show that the majority of Harbolnas consumers this time are planned buyers and not impulsive. Going forward, in order for Harbolnas and other shopping days to still be in demand by consumers, there needs to be innovative promos to attract consumers.

You can download research results at the link or click here.