Assistance for Pelapak in E-Commerce in Fulfilling Cosmetic Advertising Terms

As a form of the POM Agency's responsibility in providing education to drug and cosmetic business players, last Monday, August 15, BPOM held a Mentoring event for Pelapak in E-Commerce in Fulfilling Cosmetic Advertising Provisions. As an association that has had an MoU with BPOM since 2019, the General Chair of idEA Bima Laga was present as one of the speakers at the activity.

Bima, on this occasion conveyed the role of idEA in Supervision of Goods in the Marketplace. In front of business actors, he explained that every week, BPOM reports the findings of products that do not comply with BPOM procedures in the form of a takedown link to idEA, then idEA will follow up on the relevant idEA members. During the period from 2021 to March 2022, there were more than 368 thousand links that were successfully taken down through the collaboration between BPOM - idEA. In addition to making appeals and continuing requests for product takedowns, idEA also actively disseminates information to MSME members and actors through a series of discussions, webinars and training.