Coordination Meeting for the Development of the MSME Digital Platform and Halal MSME Exports

Last Thursday, May 19, Bima Laga as the General Chair of the Indonesian E-Commerce Association had the opportunity to attend the Coordination Meeting for the Development of the MSME Digitak Platform and Halal MSME Exports. One of the main agendas of the meeting was the socialization of the Global Halal Hub, which is predicted to have a significant impact on the development of MSMEs, especially Halal MSMEs, not only in the local market but also globally.

Reported from the introduction material, the Global Halal Hub (GHH) is a synergistic ecosystem to accelerate the development of halal-oriented local superior products to the global market. This strong synergy was built to make Indonesia the world's largest exporter of halal products. GHH consists of 8 ecosystems, starting from database collection, curating halal products, training and mentoring, to investment and capital. Currently, the Global Halal Hub has collaborated and received support from various strategic stakeholders. In the future, more cooperation is needed to realize the Global Halal Hub's mission to globalize Indonesian halal products and tourism. idEA as the Association is ready to support, collaborate and contribute to these efforts.