Seminar on Smart MSMEs Reka Gunadarma University Series 3

In order to provide Digitalization Literacy, last Thursday December 8, Gunadarma Tax Center together with Tax Magazine again held the Smart MSMEs Reka Seminar which has entered its 3rd series, this time entitled "Digital Marketing Strategy, Reach Buyers Quickly and Accurately". As one of the speakers, the Head of Public Policy and Government Relations of the Indonesian E-Commerce Association, Rofi Uddarojat, was present.

In his presentation, Rofi urged MSME players to move forward by utilizing digital platforms instead of just staying in their comfort zone. By joining the digital platform, MSMEs will get a wider market reach, more flexible business time, more varied business schemes and can be without capital, lots of promos, to relatively minimal risks. Furthermore, Rofi also conveyed several tips for successful selling online, including being able to attract a crowd and mastering digital marketing knowledge. Rofi also reminded that the business digitization process does not stop with onboarding. MSME actors who are already onboard on the marketplace platform need to be fostered and facilitated so they are able to make a profit and develop on the platform.