The last session of the idEA EUKM 2022 Workshop

Last Thursday December 15, the Indonesian E-Commerce Association held the final session of the EUKM idEA Workshop. idEA EUKM is a series of regular workshops held since 2020, open to all MSMEs throughout the archipelago and free of charge. Through idEA EUKM, the Indonesian E-Commerce Association is taking part in increasing MSMEs awareness for onboarding to the digital ecosystem.

At its last session in 2022, idEA EUKM raised the theme "Distributors, Resellers and Dropshippers, Which Is More Profitable?". As the resource person, Tyas Widyarti or Momski Tyas was present who is the Founder of the Official Reseller, Chair of the TDA Club Fashion 7.0 and SME Business Practitioner & Mentor.

In the session, Tyas invited all participants not to be afraid of starting a business. Because the truth is, business does not always require large capital, the most important thing is to be willing to start and never give up. Arshi Adini, Executive Director of idEA was also present and gave a closing statement at the last EUKM session. Arshi expressed his gratitude to the MSME actors who showed such high enthusiasm for every agenda organized by idEA. Furthermore, Arshi also expressed his hopes for the progress of MSMEs in the coming year, as well as his desire to hold offline events with MSMEs.

Unlike usual, in this last session idEA gave appreciation in the form of "Loyalty Rewards" to Webinar participants who diligently attend every idEA EUKM session. There are 5 selected participants who are lucky to get an E-Wallet Balance prize. As an association, idEA will continue to support the progress of MSME entrepreneurs in the digital era. Hopefully the idEA EUKM Workshop can continue in the following years, and with quality that continues to grow.