Sofa Talk Digital Economy Working Group: Exploring the economic aspects of 3 DEWG priority issues

In the context of implementing the G20 Indonesia Presidency in 2022, the Ministry of Communication and Information as the sponsor of the G20 Digital Economy Working Group (DEWG), again held a Sofa Talk Series discussion with the theme Exploring Economic Aspects on the Three Priority Issues of the DEWG. This Sofa Talk was attended by Mira Tayyiba as Secretary General of the Ministry of Communications and Informatics/Chair of the G20 2022 Digital Economy Working Group, Bima Laga as General Chair of the Indonesian E-Commerce Association (idEA), Tauhid Ahmad as Executive Director of the Institute for Development of Economics and Finance (INDEF). ), and Rosdiana Sijabat as the Expert Board of the Institute for Social Economic Digital Indonesia (ISED).

As an opening, Mira Tayyiba said that the two DEWG sessions that had been going on went smoothly and produced important points that would bring benefits, especially in the economic sector. On this occasion, Bima Laga explained the idEA Works program, which targets the younger generation who have just graduated from high school/vocational school to be given an overview of the employment opportunities in the digital industry era. So it is hoped that the younger generation will have more understanding as a material for consideration in determining which college major to take. This matter regarding the preparation of the future workforce is in line with the real needs of the digital industry in the country. Bima added that the moment of Indonesia's Presidency at the G20 was an opportunity for Indonesia to show the world that the digital ecosystem in Indonesia was ready and more advanced than before.