UMKM Cybersecurity Webinar

Digitalization has opened up many new opportunities and has become a mainstay in all sectors, especially the economic sector. According to data from Gernas Proud Made in Indonesia, in the period from May 2020 to March 2022, more than 10 million UMKM have gone digital. Although the way to join the digital ecosystem is quite easy, many UMKM actors do not understand the risks and dangers that can arise from the digital ecosystem. Call it the various modes of fraud, phishing, and spam messages.

To provide UMKM players with an understanding of safe online transactions, idEA together with Google and ICT Watch held a Cyber ​​Security Webinar for UMKM which was held on Thursday, June 16, 2022 via the Zoom application. On this occasion, UMKM actors who were present as participants had the opportunity to be directly mentored by Trainers from ICT Watch regarding the types of digital fraud and how to prevent them. The guidance process is carried out in several small groups with breakout rooms, so that the delivery of information becomes more interactive and maximal.

This UMKM Cyber ​​Security Webinar is an activity that has been routinely held by idEA with Google and ICT Watch since 2021. It is hoped that more UMKM will be digitally literate so that transactions that take place become safer and more profitable, both for UMKM actors and consumers.