Webinar "Increase Transactions with Anti-Small Communication"

In contrast to conventional (offline) buying and selling transactions that allow sellers to promote products through gestures and words, selling online is completely dependent on writing. Starting from promotions, follow-up transaction processes to resolving problems and consumer complaints, everything is done through writing, which generally uses chat technology. However, in fact there are still many business actors who have difficulty carrying out these various communication activities through chat.

For this reason, idEA together with Message Bird held a Webinar entitled "Increase Transactions with Anti-Small Communication" on Wednesday, November 2. Presenting representatives of idEA Member companies and MSME entrepreneurs, this Webinar does not only discuss communication theory but also technology that can be a communication solution for sellers and consumers in the digital space. Inviting Business Practitioner Suryadin Laoddang who is also known as Sales Lecturer and Business Development Manager MessageBird Mey Hendrawan, the Webinar which was attended by more than 100 participants succeeded in presenting a fast, flexible and easy-to-use communication solution in the digital era.

In the future, idEA together with Message Bird will hold another webinars with no less interesting themes. Follow idEA Social Media on Instagram @ideassociation so you don't miss any information.