In fact 60 percent of Indonesia's population of 250 million people have used the Internet every day. You know, it turns out 135 million Indonesian people are Generation Y and Generation Z. huge market and potential targets in bisnise-commerce. The development of e-commerce business is able to bring a lot of local players that even ogled by Global. When Global will begin to look and acquire local players, there are two phenomena, namely the first one there is a process to educate the market and the second is the fierce competition among the players to compete for market share of e-commerce is growing.

Looking at the phenomenon and the conditions, IDEA, and MARS conduct a study pasarmengenai E-commerce business in Indonesia to help the consumer pebisnismemahami Indonesia untukmenggali E-commerce business potential in Indonesia. Research on the e-commerce market in Indonesia this is a strategic move to help the business player in understanding and collect accurate information, as well as an appreciation of the industry that provides the opportunity for GO GLOBAL Indonesia. Meanwhile, for the new comer and other related industries, the research is expected to provide information to determine the steps in the process of market entry.

This study through face to face interviews with structured questions in 8 major cities of Indonesia, with the number of respondents 2732. Through the study of E-commerce, business people will get a lot of valuable information and insight related E-commerce business in Indonesia. Any findings from Study E-commerce? You can measure the size of the market of e-commerce business in Indonesia, knowing the needs and nature of the consumers in making online shopping in Indonesia as well as a variety of data and other information for input in determining the strategy of innovation and business development decisions. To find out more about the unique findings Studies E-Commerce in Indonesia that, you can contact our team. (Wmp)

Infographic Studies E-Commerce in Indonesia


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